Shyria "Shy" Wright

Shyria has had a knack for educating, and encouraging since she was a young girl when her friends would come to her for advice.  As she grew older, having a listening ear and giving advice became second-nature.  Shyria, who also goes by 'Shy", often found herself giving counsel and direction to older women as well.  


She knew early in life, she was not your average kid.  She was only 8 years old when she spoke to her first crowd of one hundred people.  As a teen and young adult, she continued to grow and blossom as a speaker.  At 19, she began working with youth in churches and local communities.  At the age of 23, she started a mentor group for young girls 12 to 17 known as Young Ladies of Excellence, Y.L.E.  She held conferences, workshops and coordinated several events throughout the years to teach, motivate and celebrate the young ladies. Shy now has a blooming business designed for women and teen girls. She's a speaker, mentor and certified Christian Life Coach. To date Shy loves learning and is currently continuing her education.


Her passion for empowering women and young ladies was birthed out of the pain of her own upbringing which was very challenging.  She’s faced numerous adversities but has found strength in her pain to help others change and succeed.  Shyria continues to inspire, educate, motivate and empower women and young ladies to use their pain to fuel their purpose. This is done through workshops, individual sessions and live events. As a result they are equipped to heal, grow and succeed in other areas of their lives.  




Equipping & empowering women and young ladies who have been hurt and deserted, discover their voice and find power in their pain!


To equip and empower women and young ladies through practical means to overcome their past to discover their purpose.

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To provide opportunities for women and young ladies that will help them see beyond their reality. This will be done through live events, workshops, personal coaching, mentoring.

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